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The days of standard business broadband are long gone - leased lines now pave the way for a revolutionised future on the Internet. Direct lines for businesses have by far surpassed the benchmark previously set by broadband and standard fibre optics. This super-fast line is a way of maximising your connection and ensuring that it is on your terms.

The high data solution provides a simple platform where offices can share documents, information and other integral files that multiple users need access to. It’s an innovative way for a business to connect all workers with a local area network and it doesn’t compromise bandwidth speed during peak times of usage.

Reliable Customer Service is at the heart of everything we do, and we guarantee to find you the best deal on a leased line connection or your business.

What is a Leased Line?

For those that may be wondering what the leased line definition is, it’s speed, reliability and doing things on your terms. A dedicated line is much faster than broadband and there are multiple reasons for this.

Not only does it generally have a better speed and price for upload and download speeds but it also enables you to have a consistent bandwidth for your business. There are numerous benefits that our leased lines offer, not only do they connect a team of workers to the same network but it also allows you a fixed bandwidth. This dedicated line will deliver your speed throughout the whole day without any complications or slowing of the network. You can sign-up for speeds of 10mb, 20mb and 30mb.

Leased lines are typically for a business of any size; there are packages that accommodate for small, medium and large offices. Here at Leased Line Direct we ensure that you receive the ultimate customer service with a friendly yet expert approach.

With decades of experience and our expertise in dedicated lines we make sure that you receive the correct connection sure to save you money, hassle as well as speeding up all your processes. Speak to our team about the installation of the ideal line.

The Benefits of a Dedicated Line

You can now get a leased line connection with a guaranteed speed. Below you’ll find some of the many benefits of a leased line listed. It’s easy to access your network at multiple locations while continuing fast speeds throughout your connection. It’s the perfect choice for all business owners meaning that there are no complications and it caters perfectly for companies with more than one branch. Get a bigger bandwidth allowance than usual and alter it to meet your requirements, you can set it at the speed that’s best for you.

Allow set speeds at different locations and make your connection work for you with managed Internet. You don’t have to share with other users and worry about peak times slowing down your progress.

Multiple Locations

Faster Upload Speeds

Higher Bandwidth

Control Your Bandwidth

Data Transfer

Fast During Peak Times

Creates a Local Area Network

Options for GEA/ EFM/ Fibre

Dedicated Line Speeds

The beauty of dedicated lines is that you can ensure a faster speed than business broadband regardless of the size of your office. Whether you need it for 20 users or less, or maybe a larger office of 80 and above. Our experts can help you choose the right connection for your requirements. There are speeds of 10 mbps adaptive, 20mbps, 35mbps and even 100mbps

What leased line do you need?

Business Size




Small (up to 20 users)

GEA or Etherway Copper



Medium (20-80 users)

Etherway Copper or EFM

EFM/Pure Ethernet


Large (80 and above)

Bearer Leased Line

Pure Ethernet/Fibre


Above you’ll find some of the examples of speeds and types of connection. The connections vary between EFM, GEA and fibre. Each serve their own purpose and the best type can vary from business to business. In general, the smaller offices can enjoy an SLA connection at great leased line prices. While medium and larger offices perform best when synonymous with a pure Ethernet fibre connection.

For more information on a leased line cost, visit the comparison page for details on the best offer for you.

The Difference Between Broadband & Dedicated Lines

Those that are less tech savvy are often unaware of the profound difference between broadband and leased lines. This new generation of business broadband isn’t actually broadband. It’s a much faster version that poses some incredible benefits for business owners. So what exactly is the difference between business broadband and leased lines?

Managing Internet speeds is enabled when using leased lines and you can upgrade your server’s speed at just a day’s notice. Another pro of leased lines is the fact that it is undisturbed and any issues are seen to immediately. Broadband can keep your business down for days with a lack of connection whereas dedicated lines are often monitored 24-7 and if on a rare occasion there were problems they’d be rectified right away.

Leased Line Frequently Asked Questions

Many clients are often faced with the same fears before making the switch and that’s why we are often asked the same questions. But there’s nothing to worry about, making the transition is simple.

1Can I add extras to my Internet package?
Yes, you can add faster speeds, 24-7 support and other fantastic additions to your tariff. Tailor a plan to suit you and if you have any questions then visit our compare page.
2Are leased lines available in my area?
Yes, they are available nationwide. If you have had problem obtaining a connection in the past then be sure to give us a call.
3How secure is a leased line?
Naturally, new users want to know more about leased line encryption. It’s safe to say that this type of connection is one of the safest out there. A private leased line ensures that no unwanted visitors can access it. Your leased line or WAN can also be made incognito and become invisible for others.
4What Internet speeds can I expect?
This is dependent on your type of connection. We have listed how GEA, EFM and Fibre all vary in speed. Get the best connection for your office or business and enjoy speeds that range from 1mbps up to 100mbps. You utilise packages that have 10, 20, 35 and 100mbps. Plus there are also options to enjoy adaptive meaning that you can use different speeds. It also allows you to manage your own bandwidth, something unheard of with broadband.